Commercial Package Prices

Providing expert lighting and camerawork for commercials of all budgets and making film affordable for all productions. Get the unparalleled look of film at prices competitive with high end HD cameras

I offer superb lighting and camerawork, great equipment and excellent results at prices all commercials can afford. Shoot film and make your commercials look like the big budget national spots instead of the usual low budget video commercials.

With commercial clients including I-Party, Herb Chambers, Bernie and Phyls, Foreign Motors West and Yale Appliance and Lighting, I have years of experience providing the high end lighting and camerawork Boston’s commercial clients expect, at affordable prices.

If you have always wanted to try film but are worried about all the costs I have the solution. My one day packages include everything you need to switch to film at guaranteed low prices. Use your existing crew for sound, lighting and grip, makeup etc. I will DP the shoot and supply the film camera, lighting and grip equipment, AC, film stock, processing and film to digital transfer to your choice of format. Use your existing post production workflow.

You can easily spend $2,500 just to rent a Sony F-65, Red Epic or Arri Alexa camera package. Then you have to hire a DP and AC and pay for a lighting and grip package. Instead try one of my commercial packages listed below. You will save money and get a better looking commercial.

Package Prices


Offering over 4k resolution, minimal depth of field and unparalleled image quality, 35mm is the way to go for any commercial that needs to look as good as possible.

Package includes one day shoot with:
35mm camera package.
Lighting and grip package.
First AC (focus puller)
1000’ of film stock (11 min)
Timed and supervised HD transfer to your choice of tape format or your hard drive.
Price $2,400.00

Super 16:
Offering the look of film at lower prices with a smaller, lighter camera, Super 16 is the way to go if budget is tight or you are doing a lot of handheld, Steadicam or jib arm shots. Looks great transferred to HD.

Package includes 1 day shoot with:
Super 16 camera package
Lighting and grip package
First AC (focus puller)
400’ of film stock (11 min)
Timed and supervised HD transfer to your choice of tape format or your hard drive.
Price: $2,000.00

If you need more than 1 roll of film I can provide it at cost. You pay only for the extra processing and transfer time if we shoot it. If you need 2 or more shooting days I can get you an even better price per day. If we are not using my lighting and grip package subtract $250 from above rates.